Friday, 31 January 2014

Year of the Horse 2014


Happy year of the Horse!

I hope this year of the Horse is a good one for everybody.

It has been pretty funny to draw a horse, it has turned out much better than I expected. I've used some references for the pose and stuff.

My apologies for haven't added any artwork this month. I hope to be more active from now on, as I have some ideas on mind ^^

P.S.: My mother and I are a Horse in the Chinese zodiac! XD

● Easy Tool SAI (digital lineart + colour) 
● Photoshop CS2  (frame + chinese writing)
● Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet

● Art is ©Diabolikal Lily 
¡Feliz año del Caballo!

Espero que este año del Caballo sea bueno para todos.

Ha sido bastante divertido dibujar un caballo, ha salido mucho mejor de lo que esperaba. He usado algunas referencias para la pose y demás.

Mil disculpas por no haber subido ningún dibujo este mes. Espero estar más activa de ahora de adelante ya que tengo algunas ideas en mente ^^

P.D.: ¡Mi madre y yo somos Caballo en el zodíaco chino! XD

● Easy Tool SAI  
● Photoshop CS2 (marco y carácteres chinos)
● Wacom Bamboo Fun tableta gráfica

● Arte ©Diabolikal Lily

Previous animals  Animales anteriores:


Thanks for your visit!  ¡Gracias por vuestra visita! 

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

2013 Sumary of Art

2013 wasn't a good year, I had family issues and didn't feel like drawing. I hope 2014 is a better year!

● February: Valentine's Day 2013
● March: St. Patrick's Day
● April: Yukata Girls. Although I upload it in July, it was finished in April.
● May: This was a hard month.
● June: Another hard month.
● July: Collab - Palutena. I did the colour part. The original lineart is gilster262
● August: I didn't feel like drawing, so nothing to show.
● September: Collab - Medusa I did the colour part. The original lineart is gilster262
● October: Halloween 2013 - as Hiei
● November: Vampire Lars
● December: Christmas 2013 - Sexy Elf
2013 no ha sido un buen año. He tenido algunos problemas familiares y no tenía ganas de dibujar. ¡Espero que el 2014 sea un año mejor!

● Febrero: Valentine's Day 2013
● Marzo: St. Patrick's Day
● Abril: Yukata Girls. Aunque lo subí en julio, lo terminé en abril. 
● Mayo: Este mes fue malo.
● Junio: Otro mes malo.
● Julio: Collab - Palutena. Hice la parte en color. El boceto original es de gilster262
● Agosto: No tenía ganas de dibujar, así que nada que mostrar.
● Septiembre: Collab - Medusa Hice la parte en color. El boceto original es de gilster262
● Noviembre: Vampire Lars
● Diciembre: Christmas 2013 - Sexy Elf

Thanks for your visit!   ¡Gracias por vuestra visita! 

Sunday, 12 January 2014

2 Years!

Happy New Year 2014! Let’s see what this year has to offer us 

Two years has passed since I opened this blog. I want to thank everyone of you who visits this blog everyday :) I'll keep on drawing and improving in each one of my artworks.

Last year I wasn't very active due to some personal event, so I hope this year is more productive and share new artworks here 

To end, I'm afraid that many people visits this blog just because of my "One Piece" fanarts. I'm very sorry to let know that it's not in my plans to draw more "One Piece" fanarts I'm focusing in my own original stuff and ideas, though I'll keep on drawing a very few fanarts from time to time.

Thank you all for all your visits through this last year.