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- Can I use your drawings for making avatars/signatures/wallpapers/… and or use them on other websites?
No, you can’t use my drawings, you can neither edit them. I have spent time on each one of them, so I don’t want anyone to benefit from them.

- Why does all your images have watermarks?
It's to protect them against art thieves. It's not as easy to edit images which have watermarks.

- Which tools do you use for drawing and colour your illustrations?
I draw the sketch at pencil on a paper and scan it on Photoshop CS2 using a Bamboo Fun pen tablet to colour. I make the colour with Photoshop CS2 and or Easy Tool Sai. Sometimes I use other programs as Manga Studio EX 3.0 or Art Rage2.

- Do you take art trades?
If you have a deviantART account, just send me a private note on that page.
NOTES: Before asking for an Art Trade, read the rules here: [link]  

- Do you take collaborations?
Collabs are for friends only.

- Do you take requests?
Sorry, I’m not taking requests anymore. I spend lots of hours in a single illustration and don't want to give my work for free. But I can consider giveaways for special ocassions.

- Do you take commissions?
At the moment I’m not taking, but I’ll consider. Feel free to ask ;)

- What do I have to do to get an illustration as gift?
Only my real life friends can receive surprise gifts.

- Why you don’t draw yaoi-shonen ai/yuri-shojo ai fanarts?
I don’t draw yaoi fanarts if the characters aren’t homosexual in the original series. Neither I accept the excuse "although the original author hasn't specify, the characters seem to be homosexual/make a good couple". As for yaoi/yuri manga, as I’m not interested in these manga genres (nothing personal, is just that what I've read hasn't mesmerized me), I don’t know of many characters on these genres. 

Please, understand that I’m only against slash and general character abuse, not yaoi/yuri or homosexual community.

- Why don't you draw as many fanarts as in past anymore?
Just because I'm an illustrator who enjoys drawing original stuff. I'm pretty tired of drawing fanarts only, but I'll keep drawing them from time to time (see once a year or so, lol).


- Paper and pencil to draw sketches.
- Scanner to scan my sketches.
- Wacoom Bamboo Fun Pen Tablet
- My laptop

- Easy Paint Tool SAI (for digital lineart and colour).
- Photoshop CS2 (for filters and other stuff SAI can't do).
- Manga Studio EX 3 (for white and black illustrations with tones)

If you have any question that isn’t listed here, don’t hesitate to ask.

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