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Hi, welcome to my blog! 

Who am I?
I'm known as Lily around the net. At first I used the nick Diabolikal Lily from 2001 2015. In April 2015 I changed it to Lily Skadi. I was tired of that "Diabolikal". Some of my closest friends call me Lily XD

I'm from Barcelona, Spain. My age? I don't like to give much personal information on Internet, so let's say I always turn 18 (although I'm older). By birthday is on the 11th March.

I'm currently a student of Dog Grooming in Artero International Academy.

I ❤:  Drawing (anime style), photography, BJDs, Monster High dolls, fashion dolls, crafts, music, Japanese culture, watching Japanese dramas, Manga & Anime (old ones, now I'm out of fase), going to the cinema, walking and playing with my dog, animals (I'm a bat freak), Gothic and Visual Kei fashion, concerts, long haired guys, vampires, elves, Norse Mythology, vikings, fantasy, Tolkien, Tim Burton, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Tom Hiddleston, ...

Fave ♬: J-Rock and Metal (Gothic, Symphonic, Viking & Folk). Some Industrial and Death Metal and Hard Rock. Celtic and Medieval music sounds nice too.

Fave ♬ bands: Leaves' Eyes, Versailles, Moi dix Mois, X-Japan, D'espairsRay, Kamijo, Jupiter, Hizaki, HYDE/VAMPS, To/Die/For, Rammstein, Nightwish (with Tarja), Within Temptation, Ensiferum, The 69 Eyes, Midnattsol, Entwine, Poisonblack, Charon, Amon Amarth ...

 How I began to draw 
I do not remember exactely when I began to draw because I remember having a pencil in my hand and doodling since I was in the kindergarten, but at the age of 12 was when I became interested in drawing manga. I remember that I used to show my "Dragon Ball" fanarts to some of my classmates from school who loved "Dragon Ball" as much as me, so I can say that I began drawing manga illustrations thanks to this series.

At the age of 14 I attended to "Escola JOSO", a comic academy in Barcelona, for 4 years, but my style wasn’t appreciated there. Most of my teachers did nothing but recriminating that my drawings were too Japanese alike and did not seem right for them, so they tried to change my style to a most European alike. The problem was that my style at drawing and writing comics was getting more Japanese alike and they had no choice but to accept it. When I finished my studies there, I tried to find a work as an illustrator, but my drawings were pretty bad and nobody wanted to hire me, so I decided to take this as a hobby.

In April 2005 I opened an account at deviantART, where I started to upload my illustrations and show them to the world for first time. There I upload fanarts, original characters artworks and photos of my BJD's and Monster High dolls. In  2012 I had this account on hiatus because I was tired of this site and I needed a break. Mainly because of art thieves and immature people who upload a lot of shit like if that page were "Photobucket" or "Facebook" instead of an art site and the administrators from this site don’t give solutions for that, so at the end of 2011 I opened an account at "MangaBullet", where I uploaded my new works until the page was closed. In January 2012, I also decided to open this blog. In October 2012 I decided to be active on deviantART again, mainly because I have friends there and I missed them. I have an accout on pixiv and "anipan", but this last page was also closed. In 2015 I joined PaigeeWorld and Weasyl.

I'm also a member of a studio called "Gensou St.", currently formed by my friend Mae and me. This studio was originally formed around 2004 by Mae, her cousind and I, which was called "Wall of Illusions". Later it was called as "Gensou St." after the departure of one of the components. Mae and I have been in "Sheezy Art" and "MangaBullet" under the name "Gensou St." for a short time because we didn't end working together, so the studio was "dead" until January 2012, when we finally decided to do collaborations and we opened an account at the Japanese site "pixiv", where we uploaded our collaborations and some of our works as "Lily" or "Mae" until we decided to close that account in 2014. 

 What you'll find in this blog
Here I upload my illustrations and some WIPs (work in progress) and tutorials. Although my drawing style is manga-anime, I'm not as interested in this stuff as I used to in past anymore. Any current manga or anime series catches my attention right now. Ironic, right?

✩ About my influences 
Real life - Manga and Anime illustrations - fantasy - Visual Kei and Gothic fashion - Tolkien - Metal scene - Gothic scene - BJDs

Since I got my personal style, Currently I'm not influenced by any author. In past these authors where my influences:

Akira Toriyama - Yuu Watase - Arina Tanemura - CLAMP - Rumiko Takahashi

I hope you enjoy and like my blog. For more info, please visit the FAQ page
Feel free to write comments if you wish, I'd love to read them.

Lily ◕‿◕。

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