Friday, 28 June 2013

I'm alive!

Hi ya there!

I haven't uploaded new artworks for a while, I'm very sorry for all those people who have been visiting my blog and haven't found new artworks  The reason is that I haven't drawn anything new since March-April due to a family issue. My grandmother was very ill and she was in hospital for a month and half. She finally passed away last 31st May, as the cancer she had won the fight. This means that I hardly had time for drawing and neither had inspiration for it. Now that everything is back to normality I hope to be as active as I used to. I'm going to upload a new collab with a dA friend in the next days and I'll try to draw something new again.

I want to add that you can also find me in other places, you can find the links in the left sidebar. If you didn't know, I like photography and BJD's (Ball Jointed Dolls), so you can see my pics and dolls in many of those sites and I have a blog where I upload all the pics I take to my dolls. Feel free to visit them and add comments if you wish.

Once again, sorry for all this time of inactivity and thanks a lot for passing by and visiting my blog, I'm very glad to know that there's people who's interested in my works.

See you next entry! (^.^)/~~~