Saturday, 31 August 2013


Yep, finally I have a blog in tumblr. I thought about it for a couple years since I didn't really like it, but finally I wanted to try and made my account a few days ago.

Despite being a little messy, I'm doing with it, although I still have it quite empty and I have to beging posting and rebloging stuff xD So if you want to follow me there, this is my tumblr.

In this blog I'm going to post random stuff, both my drawings and photos of my dolls and stuff.

See you in tumblr. too! ^^

Saturday, 17 August 2013


Hi there!

These days I've been working in the page section of this blog. I had all those pages abandoned and finally I've managed to update them all adding linked thumbnails to all the artworks I've uploaded here.

I also noticed that a few arworks weren't visible, as I put the link of those drawings from my dead Mangabullet account. This art page has died, so their links are broken. Now you might see all my artworks with no problem. If you find something wrong, feel free to drop a comment to let me know.

I know I'm not much active here these months, I'm in art slump and I wish it will end soon! I only want to let you know that I'm going to keep drawing, if not now, in the nearly future.

Thank you for passing by. See you next post!