Friday, 4 October 2013

Halloween 2013: Norlij (aka Toshi) as Hiei

It's been a long time since I drew a sketch for last time! The most incredible is that I took around 15 minutes to draw this one xD

My friend from dA, Gilster262, has a series of Halloween Art Jam open and I want to take part in the Cosplay one, so here you have my dear OC Norlij (aka Toshi) dressed as Hiei, my favourite manga character.

If you have time, you can visit my BJD's blog and see photos of Norlij (aka Toshi) as a doll.

● Easy Tool Sai
● Photoshop CS2 
● Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet

● Art and Norlij (aka Toshi) are ©Diabolikal Lily