Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Ninja Kurogane

This is an artwork I made in July 2010 for a kind of contest where a publishing house asked for fanarts of "Tsubasa RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE" and some of them would be chosen for being published in the Spanish edition of the "TSUBASA CARACTere GuiDE" Vol.1, so I drew this one of Kuronane, my favourite character, with Mokona and try my luck. This illustration was one of the fanarts chosen! If you have this guide, you can find it in the page 175:

● Manga Studio EX 3.0 (Lineart & tones)
● Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet

● Kurogane & Mokona (TSUBASA RESERvoir CHRoNiCLE) are © CLAMP
● Art is © Diabolikal Lily

Monday, 30 January 2012

Elegant Kiss -Art Trade with "yumiko12345"-

This was my part of an Art Trade I make with yumiko12345 on dA in 2010. She asked me for something beautiful with Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) and her OC Lexi wearing this dress. Kurama is wearing outfits inspired in Kamijo, from the J-rock band Versailles :D 

In return, she wrote this story for me: link

● Manga Studio EX 3.0 (Lineart)
● Photoshop CS (Coloured lineart + colour)
● Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet

● Reference pics: link by Yumiko12345 (dA) and link by kamerize (dA)
● Fantasy Lights by keepwaiting (dA)
● Roses by vaia (dA)

● Lexi is © Yumiko12345
● Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho) is © Yoshihiro Togashi
● Art is © Diabolikal Lily

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Girls Fight -Art trade with "frijole007"-

This was my part of an Art Trade I make with frijole007 (now anobouzu) on dA in 2010. This person asked me to draw her OC Daiyu and her persona fighting over Genjo Sanzo from Saiyuki in a chibi form. It was fun to draw this and a good chance to draw chibis. At that time, I still had to improve at drawing them.

I'm sorry, but I can't give a link to the drawing she made for me because it has been removed T_T

● Photoshop CS (Lineart & Colour)
● Manga Studio EX 3.0 (Speech Ballon)
● Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet
● Music: D'espairsRay and HIZAKI grace project

Manga Speedlines by shadowsmyst (dA)

● Daiyu & Persona are © frijole007/anobouzu
● Genjo Sanzo (Saiyuki) is © Kazuya Minekura
● Art is © Diabolikal Lily

Saturday, 28 January 2012


These two are my OC's, Norlij and Danielle. They’re and odd couple formed by a demon (Norlij) and a half vampire (Danielle), but they love and respect each other. It seems they’re having fun in their date.

I didn’t get interesting ideas of which clothes to draw on them, as I like to design the outfits my characters wear, so I downloaded an issue of the Japanese fashion magazine “Kera!” to get some ideas. Danielle wears clothes inspired on clothes I found in this magazine. They don’t look the same though. Norlij wears clothes similar to the ones my BJD Norlij has.

In this picture they look big headed. Why?! I corrected the sketch a few times, but both characters are still big headed TT_TT  As for the hands... hands are really difficult to draw. I know they look a bit weird ¬¬

Norlij as BJD: link
Danielle as BJD: link

● Photoshop CS
● Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet
● Music: HYDE/VAMPS, Juka, Gackt and HIZAKI grace project

● Norlij's T-shirt printing by KeepWaiting (dA)
● Danielle's T-shirt printing on Celestial-star.net

● Norlij & Danielle are © Diabolikal Lily

Friday, 27 January 2012

Party Octopus

This is a drawing, made in 2010, was originally created as a Birthday card a few years ago. I made a pair copies of it and I sent them to pen-pals I had at that time. The original one was made with markers and it doesn't look as beautiful as this one.

Yes, I know this drawing looks different to the stuff I use to draw. I hope you like it anyway.

● Photoshop CS
● Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet

● Octopus is © Diabolikal Lily

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Back to School

If Nakago from "Fushigi Yûgi" would live in the real world, what would he look like? Here's the answer! He even looks like if English were his mother tongue...

P.S.: Another artwork made in 2010

● Photoshop CS
● Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet

● Nakago (Fushigi Yûgi) is © Yuu Watase
● Art is © Diabolikal Lily

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Ready to come with me?

This is a Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho) fanart I made in 2010.

For those who don't know who Botan is, she's a shinigami not a witch. 

● Photoshop CS
● Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet

● Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho) is © Yoshihiro Togashi
● Art is © Diabolikal Lily

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Versailles Philharmonic Quintet

This is my first fanart of the Japanese band Versailles Philharmonic Quintet, drawn in 2010.

It was quite hard to draw this illustration, it took me almost a month to colour it and sometimes I felt like if I’d never finish it. The outfits were very difficult to draw! Yes, they’ve worn these outfits: [link] and [link]. They all are men, including the two ones who wear a dress! Unfortunately, Jasmine You passed away in August 2009. That’s why I’ve drawn him like if he were the spirit who’s taking care of the band, as he will be a Versailles member forever. Masashi isn’t drawn here because I drew this one when he wasn’t an official member yet.

And remember: Versailles will rule the world with roses!! 

● Photoshop CS
● Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet
Versailles music!

● Swirls on clothes: [link] and [link] by redheadstock
Rose Petals by redheadstock
Rose Buttons by Debi-Chiru
Pattern on Teru’s outfit by Debi-Chiru
Fantasy Lights by KeepWaiting
Lace by Elbereth-de-Liouncour
Lace by redheadstock

● Art is © Diabolikal Lily

Monday, 23 January 2012

Year of the Dragon 2012

龙年快乐! (Happy year of the dragon!)

I hope this year of the dragon will be a good one for everybody. In Chinese culture, this mythical beast is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.

It’s been really fun to draw this little dragon, it looks very similar to the idea I had in my mind. Even I like what it looks like! I’m very bad at drawing animals and I finished the sketch of this one in 30 minutes, I’m very surprised.

● Photoshop CS
● Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet

● Art is © Diabolikal Lily

Sunday, 22 January 2012

S is for Snow

I drew this one in 2010 for an activity in a dA group. The theme was "Letter S", so S is for Snow. For Sadness as well, but finally Nakago doesn’t look as sad as in the sketch is…

I’m sorry if this fanart looks as simple… I wanted to add a hand too, but I forgot about this detail… ¬¬

● Lineart: Handmade with a soft pen
● Colour: Photoshop CS
● Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet

 • Nakago (Fushigi Yûgi) is © Yuu Watase 
 • Art is © Diabolikal Lily

Saturday, 21 January 2012


This is my first fanart of Nakago, from Fushigi Yûgi, done in 2010. I still love this manga & anime, the characters are charismatic and, though the story isn't very original, it's pretty entertaining. Nakago is my favourite Fushigi Yûgi character, together with Tasuki and Hotohori. This guy was evil, but he had reasons to be this way.

● Photoshop CS
● Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet

 • Nakago (Fushigi Yûgi) is © Yuu Watase 
 • Art is © Diabolikal Lily

Friday, 20 January 2012

Marlisha -contest entry-

This was my entry for a contest made by my dA/MB friend gilster262 in 2010. It’s a pretty simple drawing but she looks nice anyway. At first, she was going to be a boy!!

Name: Marlisha
Nickname: Ice Queen
Age: 15
Date of Birth: 29th December (human calendar)
Gender: Female
Eyes: Light Blue
Hair: White
Species: Alien
Home: Planet Wilusg. Now she’s living in planet Earth, in her spacecraft.
Occupation: Student / Heroine
Powers/Abilities: She can use water and ice as weapons.
Special Atacks: Rain of Ice, Snow Twister and Shower of Pain.
Personality: She’s a kind and friendly girls with a strong character. She’s too pig-headed. She knows she’s beautiful, so she uses it as a weapon. As she’s an alien, she’s quite slow at quite human habits and many things surprise her, so it’s fun being her friend.
Likes: Boys, winter, ice-creams, sea and learning new things.
Dislikes: Sun, hot weather, bugs (she screams and runs when she sees these creatures).
Friends: A white female cat she found. Now she lives with her. GM the Hero.
Story: She’s an alien girl who was sent to planet Earth to study humans. Se didn’t want to do it, especially because she had to travel alone, but she had to. Now that she’s in planet Earth, she’s enjoying a lot this experience and feels sad because she knows that she’ll have to go back in future to her own planet.

● Lineart: Manga Studio EX 3.0
● Colour: Photoshop CS
● Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet

 • Marlisha is © Diabolikal Lily 

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Kiriban prize for "frijole007"

I made this arwork in 2010 as a gift for a dA user who has left this site, frijole007. This person was the winner of the Kiriban 5000 game in my dA account, so as prize got this fanart.

I’m not into "Saiyuki", in fact I know this anime/manga from the few pics I’ve seen in magazines and around the net, so it was an interesting experience to draw a character I’m not familiar with, as Sanzo.

● Lineart: Manga Studio EX 3.0
● Colour: Photoshop CS

● Botan (Yu Yu Hakusho) is © Yoshihiro Togashi
● Genjo Sanzo (Saiyuki) is © Kazuya Minekura
● Art is © Diabolikal Lily

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mermaid Queen

In 2006 I drew this one and I coloured it with watercolours, but when I check it in 2010, I felt like recolouring it once again as a digital art.

Watercolour version: [link]

● Photoshop CS
● Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet


 • Mermaid Queen is © Diabolikal Lily 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Bubbles -Miku Hatsune fanart Collaboration-

This Miku fanart is a collaboration with my friend Mae-Naoki. She's made the lineart and I have coloured it. It's been my first collaboration. 

● Photoshop CS
● Wacom Bamboo Fun tablet

Musical notes brushes
Bubble brushes by hawksmont (dA)

• Miku Hatsune is ©Kei - CRYPTON Future Media 
• Lineart by: Mae-Naoki 
• Colour by: Diabolikal Lily 

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Hi, welcome!!

This is Lily, the administrator of this blog. After much thought, finally I decided to write a blog about my artwork. Here you’ll find my illustrations, though I’ll maybe write tutorials and upload WIP. 

I think I’ve left everything organized and linked with their respective sites, but if you find something wrong, just let me know and I’ll correct it immediately. There are a few things which aren’t complete yet, I’ll keep working on them in the next days.

I hope this is of your liking. Also, it would make me glad if you like, appreciate and respect my work. 

Thanks a lot for your visit and enjoy!!


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

F.A.Q. (Español)


- ¿Por qué escribes tu blog en inglés y no en español? 
La mayoría de mis seguidores provienen de países en los que no son de habla española, así que es mucho más sencillo para ellos que escriba en inglés. Si no te defiendes bien con este idioma, tengo habilitado un traductor que puede traducirte toda mi página en español... aunque el resultado no sea tan bueno. 


- ¿Puedo usar tus dibujos para hacer avatares/firmas/wallpapers/... o usarlos en otras páginas? 
No, no puedes usar mis dibujos, tampoco modificarlos. Me ha llevado su tiempo hacer cada uno de ellos, así que no quiero que nadie se beneficie de mi esfuerzo. 

- ¿Por qué tus dibujos tienen unas marcas de agua tan grandes?
Es para protegerlas de los ladrones aunque esto tenga como consecuencia que los dibujos no se vean tan bonitos. No es tan fácil editar una imagen que tenga unas marcas de agua tan grandes.

- ¿Qué herramientas utilizas para dibujar y colorear tus ilustraciones? 
Los bocetos los hago a lápiz sobre un papel y lo escaneo para darle el color con Easy Tool Sai y Photoshop CS2 usando una tableta gráfica Bamboo Fun. A veces uso otros programas como Manga Studio EX 3.0 o Art Rage2.

- ¿Haces Art Trades (intercambio de dibujos)?
Si tienes una cuenta en deviantART , me puedes enviar una nota privada.

NOTA: Antes de enviar una nota para pedir un Art Trade, lee las normas aquí: [link]

- ¿Haces colaboraciones?
La respuesta es la misma que en la pregunta anterior.

NOTA: Pronto pondré las normas para pedir colaboraciones.

- ¿Aceptas peticiones?
Lo siento, ya no acepto peticiones.

- ¿Haces comisiones?
Por ahora no hago, pero es algo que pensaré en un futuro.

- ¿Qué tengo que hacer para que me hagas un dibujo de regalo? 
Si eres mi amig@ en mi vida real, puedes recibir regalos sorpresa ^^

- ¿Por qué no dibujas fanarts sobre yaoi/yuri? 
No dibujo este tipo de fanarts si en la historia original los personajes no son homosexuales, no hay otra explicación. Tampoco me sirve el "aunque el autor no lo especifique, los personajes lo parecen/hacen buena pareja". En cuanto al manga yaoi/yuri, no me interesa este tipo de manga (no es nada personal, es simplemente que lo que he leído no me ha cautivado) así que no conozco a muchos personajes sobre estos géneros de manga. 

Por favor, debes entender que solo estoy en contra del slash y el abuso a personajes en general, no estoy en contra del yaoi/yuri.

Si tienes alguna pregunta que no esté aquí, no dudes en preguntar. 

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Art Trades - Normas (Español)


● Si estás interesad@ en hacer un Art-Trade conmigo, debes tener una cuenta en MangaBullet o deviantART. Solo tienes que enviarme un mensaje privado con el tema "Art Trade" y una descripción detallada de lo que quieres que te dibuje. Si tienes ejemplos visuales, serán muy apreciados.

NOTA: Si me pides el art trade a través de deviantART, obtendrás mi parte del art trade a través de MangaBullet y también lo subiré en este blog ya que estoy en hiatus en deviantART y por lo tanto, no estoy en activo en esa página y leo/contesto mensajes de tarde en tarde.

● Puedes pedir 2 personajes como máximo en un mismo dibujo.

● No te olvides de incluir detalles de cómo es tu personaje y enviarme enlaces de tu personaje o los  personajes  manga/anime si es posible para tener referencias.

● Puedes pedir por un dibujo a color o en blanco y negro (puedes pedirlos con tramas).

● Si no estoy conforme con tu petición del Art Trade, lo rechazaré. 

● Ten paciencia si tardo en terminar tu Art Trade ya que también tengo otras preocupaciones en mi vida real.

● Utilizo los programas: Photoshop CS2Art Rage2 or Manga Studio EX 0.3 para colorear mis dibujos o añadir tramas. 


Fanarts. Pueden ser de cualquier anime/manga. Si es de otro estilo, como superhéroes, el dibujo lo haré a mi estilo. Si me pides que dibuje a una persona real, la dibujaré a mi estilo manga ya que el estilo realista se me da fatal.

Tus personajes originales. Si quieres que lo/s dibuje con alguno de mis personajes originales, puedes solicitarlo siempre que no se trate de un tema amoroso entre ellos. Mis personajes tienen su propia historia y algunos tienen pareja. 

● Chibis. Si no me lo especificas en tu solicitud, dibujaré al/los personaje/s como crea más oportuno. 

● Si tu personaje usa un arma, ten en cuenta que no estoy acostumbrada a dibujar armas y nunca he dibujado armas de fuego. 


Ningún tipo de abuso/slash. Esto incluye Yaoi/Shonen Ai, Yuri/Shojo Ai si el personaje no es homosexual en la serie original. No me sirve la excusa "aunque el autor original no lo haya especificado, los personajes parecen homosexuales/hacen buena pareja". Tampoco pidas que dibuje personajes homosexuales convertidos en hetero ni/o relaciones entre un/a niñ@ y un adulto.  

Hentai. Poses obscenas ni partes inapropiadas. Chicos y chicas sexys y sensuales es aceptable. 

Demasiada violencia, gore ni escenas abusivas.

Arte relacionado con odio. Si odias alguna cosa, es tu problema y por lo tanto, no quiero verme involucrada en ello.  

OCxCanon fanarts (personaje original x personaje oficial). Deben ser o tus personajes originales o personajes oficiales, no juntos. Estoy bastante harta de este tipo de parejas, lo siento. Si tu personaje original te representa a tí, puede hacer una excepción. 

Animales, criaturas peludas y anthro. No tengo demasiada confianza para aceptar este tipo de dibujos ya que no se me da muy bien dibujar este tipo de personajes. 

Mecha, robots, alta tecnología, coches y edificios.






Art Trades rules (English)


● If you’re interested in making an Art Trade with me, you must have an account at MangaBullet or deviantART. Just send a private note with the subject "Art Trade" and a detailed description of what you want me to draw. If you have visual examples, they are very welcome.

NOTE: If you ask me for an art trade on deviantART, you’ll get my part of the art trade via MangaBullet and it will also be uploaded in this blog as I’m on hiatus on deviantART and this means that I’m not active in that site and read/reply messages from time to time.

● You can ask for 2 characters maximum.

● Don’t forget to include a good explanation of how your character is and send links of your OC’s or manga/anime characters if possible to have a reference.

● I use digital media to colour my artworks: Photoshop CS2Art Rage2 or Manga Studio EX 0.3

● You can ask for a colour or a black & white artwork. You can ask with tones added.

● If I don’t agree with your Art Trade request, I’ll refuse it.

● Be patient with me if I take a long time to finish your Art Trade because I have other matters in real life.


Fanarts. They can be from any manga/anime. If it’s from another style as superheroes, they will be drawn in my own style. If you ask me to draw a real person, I will draw them in my manga style because my realistic style sucks.

Your OCs. If you want them to be drawn with any of my OCs, you can request as long as it’s not love themed related between them. My OCs have their own story and some of them have their beloved one.

● Chibis. If you don’t specify in your request, I’ll draw the character/s as I thing they will better look

● If your character uses a weapon, please note that I’m not used to draw them and I have never draw any kind of firearms.


Any kind of slash/character abuse. This includes Yaoi/Shonen Ai, Yuri/Shojo Ai if the character is non well know as being homosexual in the original series. I don’t accept the excuse "although the original author hasn't specify, the characters seem to be homosexual/make a good couple". Neither ask for homosexual characters into straight and/or child x adult relationship. 

Hentai. Inappropriate parts and obscene poses. Sensual and sexy boys and girls are ok.

Too much violence, gore and abusive scenes.

● Hate art. If you hate anything, is your problem and I don’t want to get involved into them.

OCxCanon fanarts. They must be your OCs or canon characters, not all together, I'm pretty tired of these kind of couples, sorry. If your OC represents yourself, I can make an exception.

Animals, furry and anthro. I’m not confidence enough as for taking them for Art Trades.

Mecha, robots, high technology, cars and buildings.