Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween 2012

I thought I wouldn’t be in time to draw something for Halloween, as I had no idea of what to draw this year. Suddenly, this idea came to my mind. They are my OC’s Toshi (aka Norlij) and Danielle. In this artwork they’re wearing costumes my OCs as BJD’s have worn for Halloween. You can see photos in my BJD's blog.

Now Danielle has a new haircut! She had long hair, but the character has evolved. You can read here what happened to her.

● Photoshop CS2 (digital lineart + colour + background)
● Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet

Trees brushes by Lileya (dA)
Cemetery and bats brushes by AJK-Original-Stock (dA)
● Sinister Moon face brush by Redheadstock (dA)

● Toshi (aka Norlij) and Danielle are ©Diabolikal Lily 

Friday, 12 October 2012

Son Goku - Kame-Hame-Ha!

I could have finished this artwork last month, but my laptop went into a coma and I lost the whole work TT_TT I was angry because it was almost finished and only had to add the background and lights effects, so I've had to redo the whole digital work again. Because of it and other issues in real life out of Internet, I felt down and took two long weeks to finish this artwork. Now, I'm not sure when I'm going to upload new artworks as I'm not working in anything new. Anyway, I hope to feel like doing new stuff again.

As for this artwork, "Dragon Ball" was the first Anime I loved. Thanks to Goku's adventures I began to be interested in Manga/Anime and drawing. At that age, I loved other old Anime as "Dr. Slump", "Urusei Yatsura" or "Muscle Man (Kinnikuman)". In my beginning, my style was very influenced by Akira Toriyama sensei. Fortunately, I have gotten my personal style through years of practice, so that's how Son Goku looks like in my style.

● Easy Paint Tool SAI (colour)
● Photoshop CS2 (digital lineart + background)
● Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet

● Son Goku (Dragon Ball) is ©Akira Toriyama
● Art is ©Diabolikal Lily