Sunday, 5 February 2012

Zedkiel Bourignon

I introduce you to Zedkiel Bourignon. He’s supposedly, an "One Piece" OC... but not really from the manga as he only lives in the same “world” and he has never met Luffy and company. Why an "One Piece" OC if all my OC’s are from original stories? Zedkiel is the guy Darlene is avoiding of... Darlene was created for a group which was about the "One Piece" world and this guy was mentioned in her fact file, so I wanted to draw this guy as well.

The sketch of this drawing was made in 2009, but I forgot it for months and coloured it in 2011. I like what his eyes and hair look like, but not his outfit. If I ever draw him again, I’ll work better on his outfit.

I know his story is a bit silly, but here’s some info about him:

Name: Zedkiel Bourignon
Age: 20
Fruit name: --
Speciality: I have to think about it yet...
Personality: He’s a rash fool who likes adventures and risk. He’s talkative, funny and pig-headed. If he wants something, he fights until he gets it, so this make him determined and self-confident.
Dream: To get married with Darlene.

History: He’s been brought up as a warrior, as many other inhabitants from his island. His father is an important person, his tribe’s chief. His future was to be the future chief, but his plans are different as his soul is wild and hungry of adventures and risk.

He felt in love with Dismal Darlene, a girl from a clan enemy of his. He doesn’t care about it, he loves her anyway, though she doesn’t and she decided to leave the island to become a pirate and avoid Zedkiel. When he knows about it, he decides to follow her and wants to join her pirate crew to conquer her heart and live amazing adventures with her. In fact, he joins Darlene’s crew without her consent.

Island: Misty Mystery. It’s an island which anybody knows where exactly is as it’s all surrounded by a fog and everybody who has entered there has never been seen again.

Other: The inhabitants from Misty Mystery aren’t used to the sunlight because there are only two hours of sunlight there, so they’re like a kind of vampires. They can see perfectly in the darkness and they’re faster than normal people. Sun affects them, they get sick and suffer of wounds in their body if they’re exposed to the sun for a short period of time because they’re not used to it, and so Zedkiel always seals in the night and covers his body with long clothes in the day.

● Lineart: Manga Studio EX 3.0 (lineart)
● Colour: Photoshop CS (colour)
● Wacom Bamboo Fun pen tablet

• Zedkiel Bourignon is © Diabolikal Lily 
• "One Piece" world is © Eiichiro Oda 

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